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Heropanti - Movie Review

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One tough guy (not by facial expressions though) and a sweet innocent girl fall in love with each other, the shirtless guy fights with the girl's 'bad man' daddy and his goons, the girl in little intervals shows off her curvy waist. Is it all that today's audience wants to watch in a movie? Well, the answer is certainly a big NO.

The movie Heropanti starring debutants Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon hits the theatres today but it has very little to hit the audience's hearts.

The movie Heropanti is actually all about the age old love tale where two lovers have to face a strong opposition from the girl's angry daddy and the couple eventually fight all the odds only to live happily ever after.

Although, Tiger was impressive with his high-flying action stunts (followed by an unusual cute smile on the camera after each kick and punch), Tiger definitely has a long way to go when in comes to acting and attaining the necessary charm of a Bollywood actor. The heroine on the other side has very little to show off in the film other than some tears rolling down her cheeks and occasionally her smooth waist.

To talk about the story of Heropanti, it is that same somewhat like Jurassic-era story where one next door but tough boy and a pretty innocent girl fall for each other but the heroine's villainous father stands like a pillar between their perfect love story.

Like any other Bollywood masala flick, the hero of Heropanti, Tiger (Bablu) fears nothing and is adamant to get his lady love while, the antagonist daddy with a huge gang of his goons will do everything possible and sometimes impossible to cease their love.

But the most predictable part of the flick is it's climax which surely reminds us of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, however DDLJ (1995) with several other positive aspects was a blockbuster hit and Heropanti has very little for the much more demanding 2014 audience. 

Director of Heropanti Sabbir Khan was too predictable and orthodox in his narration with some truly forced songs and dances in which extras are shaking their feet along with Tiger and Kriti.

In a nut shell, the movie Heropanti is not just an ideal debut for both Tiger and Kriti, while it's most likely to leave the audience with the question, "What was so heroic in Heropanti?"

Our Rating - 2.5/5

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