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13-04-14Birth Anniversary Of Lyricist "Verma Malik" Listen His LyricsFrom 7.00 Hrs

Birth Anniversary Of Singer "Shamshad Begum" Listen Her Hit Songs. More Info About Her @ BlogFrom 7.00 Hrs Onwards
15-04-14Birth Anniversary Of Lyricist "Hasrat Jaypuri" Listen His Lyrics. More Info About Him @ BlogFrom 7.00 Hrs
20-04-14Death Anniversary Of Lyricist "Shakeel Badayuni"
Listen His Lyrics. More Info About Him @ Blog
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26-04-14Death Anniversary Of Music Director "Shankar" (Shankar Jaikishan) Listen Their Composition. Read Blog for More Info About Them.From 7.00 Hrs

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Movie Review - Dishkiyaoon

Dishkiyaoon movie review: Harman Baweja tries hard but fails to pack a punch!

Finally Shilpa Shetty’s first production venture Dishkiyaoonhas hit the theatres.

Harman Baweja who is making his comeback in Bollywood with Sanamjit Singh Talwar’s directorial debut Dishkiyaoon has certainly improved as an actor. He is also seen flaunting his perfectly chiseled body which is indeed a visual delight in this otherwise not-so-great gangster film which also stars Sunny Deol, Prashant Narayanan and newbie Ayesha Khanna. So Dishkiyaoon starts off with Harman narrating his story to Sunny paaji while they both are playing snakes and ladder that too behind the bars. And we must say the makers have shot this whole prison episode quite innovatively coz until interval you won’t realise these two heroes are actually prisoners. Coming back to Dishkiyaoon’s story, Vicki’s (Harman) dream is to be a gangster. Yes, he always knew it. Even though he from a well off family, Vicki chooses to enter the mafia world and his only aim is to reach the top and dethrone the dons of Mumbai. And all this starts when Vicki meets Mota Tony (Prashant Narayanan) who is a mobster. While Tony believes in the power of bullet, Vicki believes he doesn’t need a gun to achieve his dream. The new age gangster mantra is – being smart is enough. Well, that’s what you get to learn from Dishkiyaoon. Sadly this funda didn’t work for us and nor it did for Vicki in the film. So the first half is all about how Vicki lands up in the world of drugs and sleaze. How he falls for a girl who is absolutely okay with his profession and most importantly why he is in prison.

In the second half, Vicki is out of prison and gets involved in a lot of illegal work like smuggling, making money out of toxic waste and what not. After Tony dies, Lakwa (Sunny Deol) helps Vicki climb the success ladder in the gangster-land. However, Lakwa’s unveils his true identity at the end. Is he a cop or a spy? Does Vicki succeed in his mission? Well, you need to watch the film for that.
Rating - 1.5/5

Movie Review - Youngistan

Youngistaan - Movie Review

A humour-flavoured love story in the back drop of politics, Youngistaan is entertaining and has its moments. A video game maker, Abhimanyu Kaul (Jackky Bhagnani) resides in Japan with Anvita (Neha Sharma), his girlfriend. The first main plot point of Youngistaan comes when Abhimanyu's father, played by Boman Irani, who is the Prime Minister of India, is admitted to ICU. Party forces Abhimanyu to take up the role of his father after his demise. But this completely 'over-the-top' treatment of the film doesn't distract the entertainment value of the film.
Abhimanyu, then, takes the lead and makes policies that impress young voters. Media backs the new prime minister and gives all support to him, but he gets puzzled with the media coverage of his open relationship with his partner. Anvita gets really irritated when she can't have the normal life they used to lead in Japan after Abhimanyu became the PM.
But even though very entertaining and funny, the film's story is hard to believe because no party will choose a man with no experience in politics for the PM job. But the very premise of the movie is that so we can forgive it!
A well shot film, Youngistaan looks cool in terms of cinematography, production design and music. This film is not for to be taken seriously, but to enjoy! If its target audience, youth, finds it interesting, it has a great chance to work well in the Box Office. Film delivers Jackky Bhagnani's best performance till date and you can also watch the movie for Farooq Shaikh. It was the gifted actor's last film. In total, director Syed Ahmad Afzal's debut is entertaining and watchable!

Rating - 3/5

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Movie Review - Bewakoofiyaan

Bewakoofiyan: Does the chemistry between Ayushmann Khuranna and Sonam Kapoor work? 

Bewakoofiyaan, directed by Nupur Ashtana stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor in lead roles. Bewakoofiyan, filled with a lot of funny moments and good performances, is a rom-com you can go for. It doesn't have a major story to tell. Film works in a very thinner thread which used to exist from the beginning of time - a girl loves a boy who is not very qualified up to the standards expected from his father-in-law.
While father tries to ruin their relationship through his small cunning tricks, the relationship works fine but when he actually starts to like the guy whom his daughter loved, they are on the verge of a break up. Yes, It is the Indian adaptation of Hollywood comedy Meet The Parents. Here, Rishi Kapoor dons the role which is made unforgettable by De Niro.
The much publicized Bikini act of Sonam Kapoor stays in the film just for three seconds but those three seconds were enough to make an appeal in the audience. Sonam flaunts her beautiful body, leaving male audience in the theatre drooling all over her. Ayushmaan Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor make the best young pair in present Bollywood. Their onscreen chemistry is perfect and most realistic.
One of the comments from audience after watching the film was - ‘It doesn't have anything in it. But feels good'. This would be the exact observation about Bewakoofiyan which is there to entertain you for some hours.
Our Rating : 3.0/5


Friday, 7 March 2014

Review - Queen

 Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Vikas Bahl

The film Queen, directed by Vikas Bahl, and starring Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao and Lisa Haydon, bears a lot of simmilarities to the Sridevi film 'English Vinglish'. The film is about a girl who travels abroad to find her husband.
The Plot: A young Indian Punjabi girl, played by Kangana, from Rajouri Garden in New Delhi gets dumped by her fiancĂ©, played by Rajkummar, two days before her wedding. Although she doesn’t get herself busy with the tedious amount of breast beating and emotional drama. On the contrary she chooses to go on the pre-booked honeymoon to France and Amsterdam on her own and thereby reinventing the woman in herself.

Verdict: It is impossible to not fall in love with Kangana’s performance as this is possibly her best performance till date. You would be glued to your seats till the last credits roll out, which by the way have been done in The Hangover style. You will get to see the parts you missed in the film by means of photographs and video snippets at the very end. In simple terms, Kangana’s acting prowess has proved that she is a ‘Queen forever’!
So go ahead and let us know your thoughts on the movie review of Queen.  

Juhi Chawla outshines Madhuri Dixit in 'Gulaab Gang' - Review

 While pitting two former contemporaries against each other in a battle over good versus evil does guarantee undivided attention, it unfortunately doesn’t translate into good cinema.

Debutant director Soumik Sen’s casting coup is wasted in a story heavily inspired by an all women gang of social crusaders called Gulaabi Gang. Although Sen steers away from turning it into a documentary, he liberally borrows real-life references from their pink revolution and guns for box-office glory without ever acknowledging their movement.

It’s when the credits roll, at the end of two-hours-and-twenty-minutes, that you wish he had been man enough to give more insight into their journey. Instead, he lists out a number of unknown faces whose sacrifices and contributions have apparently empowered women and colours them pink.

Those last few minutes of testimonials as the curtains roll down are probably the most important moments of ‘Gulaab Gang’. And that’s the failing of the moviemaker, who probably got distracted by the various roles – storywriter, screenplay, music and direction –he took on for his maiden venture.

We are introduced to the innocent world of Rajjo through the voice of Anil Kapoor, who narrates her struggles to get educated in Madhavpur village, where girls are taught to cook and clean, and not the alphabets.  She fights the stereotype and her abusive step-mom’s attempts to break her, emerging stronger and powerful. 

Apart from tackling social staples like dowry and rape, much like Bollywood’s earlier testimonials of women crusaders, Sen’s gang also focuses on electricity and water. They block out a group of corrupt government officials in a bid to light up their village. That, we learn later, is based on true events.

Their work shifts into the election battle field, when Rajjo takes on political leader Soumitra, who everyone refers to as ‘madam’. The rest of the movie is about their fight to victory, and of their varying outlook on social reform and reward.

Sen’s efforts, however, would have been far more rewarding if he had stopped indulging his Madhuri fixation. Making her dance in synchronized poetic moves, and even giggle when her student blurts out a reference to her iconic ‘Ek,Do,Teen’ dance number, ruins the impact of the person she’s portraying. 

Despite this flaw, Madhuri fleshes out Rajjo’s persona with grit and substance, and is earnest in her efforts to lead her girl gang. Whether it’s her dancing, or singing (she debuts with a song), or her fighting, Madhuri gives it her all.  It’s regrettably the superficial outline of her character that leaves her misplaced.

This, however, works in favour of Juhi, who emerges far more influential and striking as the conniving politico head ‘Madam’. Devoid of any references to her earlier Bollywood image, Juhi sticks to her character, and brilliantly plays her various insecurities and her determination to strike out anyone in the race to political glory.

And this, despite being given a role that’s got far less prominence on the script than rebel frontrunner Rajjo. Although the character could have appeared jaded, Juhi plays it with impeccable restraint and concentrates on her wavering temperament with incredible flair, making this her most significant performance to date.

The supporting cast of fairly unknown names are impressive, especially Rajjo’s two loyal soldiers. Even though ‘Gulaab Gang’ has so much going for it, it fails to win our applause.

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Review - Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Viidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar, two of our most talented actors, sync up as a married couple in Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Their talent and charm should have been a laugh riot but the movie quite doesn't work.
Debutant director Saket Chowdhary falls notches short of making a total fun riot. The movie - a sequel to much-appreciated Pyaar Ke Side Effects - has it's high points and the actors (Vidya, Farhan, Vir Das, Ram Kapoor and Ila Arun) do impress with their performances. However, the punches and the desperate effort to fuse comedy and philosophy fall flat.
Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan) deal with each other's fantasies and nature, while desperately trying to cope with the pressure of being new parents. 
The film is a comic take on the changes that a child brings to the life of a married couple--together and as individuals. 
The first half of the movie is good with mostly light moments. Farhan's character comes across as lovable during Vidya's pregnancy, shown in a crisp, tight and small sequence. 
In some of the emotionally-intense scenes, especially in the second half of the movie. Vidya's skills leave you spellbound.  She also plays the nagging, irritating wife to the hilt. Interestingly, she also turns into this woman who wants to forgive the husband, only if he would have done the same, and aces the act completely. 
Shaadi Ke Side Effects is not as much fun as Pyaar ke Side Effects. You might watch this one only for the performances, which are just as amazing as you expect actors like Vidya and Farhan to deliver.