Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Rocky Handsome - Movie Review

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The film starts off with an extremely silent Rocky (John Abraham) buying fishes and flowers. The very moment he smells the flowers, the film goes into a 'flashback mode' followed by the introduction of Rocky's beautiful wife Rukshida Kabir Ahlawat (Shruti Hasan). When the movie is brought to the present day, a cute little girl by the name of Naomi (Baby Diya Chalwad) gets introduced. She is a frequent visitor to Rocky's pawn shop. On one such visit, when she starts conversing with the ferocious looking Rocky, she confesses that all her friends call him as 'Handsome' and that, she has been deliberately told to stay away from him because 'he had committed a crime', something that her heart refuses to believe. As days pass by, she opens up about her dreaded life before Rocky. She confesses that her mother (Nathalia Kaur) is a hardcore drug addict who gets beaten up always by some men. The unsaid bond of friendship gradually increases between the two and Rocky (without saying) becomes extremely protective about her. One fine day, when Rocky enters his shop, he becomes shell shocked to see that his shop has been broken into and that some men are driving away with Naomi in their captive. All of this leads to a deal that Rocky strikes with Naomi's kidnappers Kevin (Nishikanth Kamath) and his psycho brother. As per the deal, Rocky should deliver a certain (drug) consignment to an assigned place, in return of the freedom of Naomi and her mother. And when Rocky lands up at the assigned place for the delivery, he realises that the police has cordoned the area. What follows after that is oodles and oodles of violence including many merciless killings and brutal murders all for a single reason. Amidst all this, the police department discovers Rocky's past that shocks the daylights out of them. What is the reason for all the killings, what is Rocky's past and what reference has it got with his present, does Rocky become successful in tracing out Naomi and her mother... is what forms the rest of the film. 
On the whole, ROCKY HANDSOME is for people who like action films. Despite the film having a simple plot, it has been garnished with engrossing drama and action stunningly. One can find the right mix of tension, action, emotion under one roof. A well-made action thriller!

Rating - 2.5/5

Friday, 18 March 2016

Kapoor & Sons - Movie Review

Director Shakun Bhatra’s Kapoor & Sons, a story about two brothers who return home to the picturesque Coonoor, a hill station in Tamil Nadu, to visit their ailing grandfather, is a touching film made terrific by some great performances. Of course, that the two are supremely good-looking only helps matters.
Fawad Khan plays the suave Rahul, a successful novelist, with great conviction. He’s the elder brother who’s the golden grandson of the Kapoor family. He’s kind, sincere and loving. But it’s the scenes in which he reveals his vulnerable side that makes him truly shine. For once, Bollywood has also tackled non-conformist choices (you need to watch the film to know more) with great sensitivity.
The proverbial black sheep and the under-achiever is Arjun, played by Malhotra. He’s good, but relatively raw when compared to the pitch-perfect performances by Khan and his on-screen parents, played by Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak.
This is a film that isn’t led by the heroics of a single chest-puffing hero. All the characters in this drama are flawed, but their imperfections make them endearing. The squabbles at the dinner table are so believable and played out so naturally, that you feel invested in them.
But the knock-out parts are in the interaction between the two brothers. The rivalry, their intimacy and the delicate strain of jealousy between siblings is subtly brought out. Batra does a fabulous job of not overdoing it.
Alia Bhatt, who plays the winsome Tia, is instantly likeable. Rishi, as the naughty granddad, is cute for most parts, but turns stoic towards the climax. His make-up was distracting.
The expectations hoisted on being the perfect child in an Indian family are wonderfully told in this film.
Kapoor & Sons flourishes as a unit and is the sum total of mature performances by the entire Kapoor clan.

Rating - 3.5/5

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Jai Gangajal - Movie Review

Fearless police officer Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) has her neck in a vice-like grip of a dirty, corrupt politician, played by Manav Kaul.
He snarls: “Put a woman in a uniform, give her some powers, and she’s out of control.” It’s a bigoted, sexist statement to make, but that line rings true for Jai Gangaajal, rather than Abha Mathur. This police drama careens out of control after a few minutes.
It’s a confusing blend of social commentary on mob justice, the rich-poor divide and power-hungry politicians.
Chopra, India’s rising cultural export who can do no wrong after her successful foray into the West, tries her best to elevate this police drama into an engaging film. But she’s no miracle worker nor is she a charismatic-but-questionably-talented Salman Khan who can spin gold out of straws by being cheeky. But what she can do exceptionally well is hit hard with a stick. The scenes in which she bludgeons a grimy goon, who attempts to sexually abuse a girl, packs a punch.
Chopra is not awkward as a police officer nor does she try to be manly in her male-dominated workplace, but her perfectly-stained lips are a distraction. In the climax after a particularly rough encounter with the villain, she comes out of it looking like a bruise-free peach.
Director Prakash Jha, who makes an attempt to act with his rogue cop role, should stick to what he does best: direct his actors. He’s endearingly earnest, but he lacks charisma — that intangible quality that makes actors magnetic on the big screen. Also, he sounds a lot like veteran actor Nana Patekar.
Jai Gangaajal is crammed with issues such as corporate greed, debt-ridden farms, lawless cities and frustrated civilians, but there’s no particular direction to all that chaos.
If you are a Chopra fan and would love to see her kick bad guys into submission, then give this film a shot. Otherwise, skip it.

Courtesy - Gulf News

Rating -- 2.5/5

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

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