Monday, 15 September 2014

Movie Review - Creature

The fear factor, which Vikram Bhatt started off with RAAZ, 1920 and SHAAPIT, continues with CREATURE. With this film, he has given the audience a taste of spine chilling monster experience. Even though, it will be a bit unfair to compare the film's techniques to that of the west, still, one can applaud Vikram for at least having tried to match up to those standards. One can very easily say that the visuals effects are by far the best in Bollywood and add to the thrilling experience.

As far as the direction is concerned, Vikram Bhatt leaves no stone unturned to scare the audience with this film. The 3D experience which Vikram has created, makes you feel the fear. He has walked that extra mile to ensure there are no technical glitches, something in which he largely succeeds (a few scenes notwithstanding). Vikram, who also doubles up as the film's writer does manage in delivering a neat and believable story. He has to be applauded for the simple reason that he succeeds in the challenge of writing the film convincingly, despite the fact that it is so heavy on visuals. Overall, like his previous films, this film too can be added to his repertoire of successful horror films.

The film does have a handful of melodious tracks and soulful music. On the other hand, the smart usage of background score by Raju Rao adds to the film's overall narrative. The same cannot be said about choreographer (Raju Khan) who hardly gets any scope to prove his skills in a film, where only horror and fear reigns supreme. While the editing (Kuldeep Mehan) and cinematography (Praveen Bhatt) is top rate as expected, Abbas Ali Moghul's actions seems to falter at places. Girish Dhamija's dialogues could have been sharper. The multi-talented Vikram Bhatt exhibits his exemplary screenplay along with Sukhmani Sadana.

As far as the performances are concerned, the film solely rests of Bipasha Basu's shoulders who delivers a fine performance. She handles the romantic scenes with the same amount of conviction as much as the action and fear scenes. Even though the camaraderie between her and the newcomer Imran Abbas seems shaky in a handful of scenes, still the two carry the film very convincingly. Imran Abbas is decent but has a long way to go if he plans to have a serious career in Bollywood. Mukul Dev also delivers a convincing performance (his 'forced' white hair strands notwithstanding). The rest of the ensemble cast (a few cameos by Rana, Saaqib and others) help push the film smoothly.

On the whole, CREATURE is indeed a film which is meant for the masses who yearn for some 'zara hatke' subjects. CREATURE is a good example of what Bollywood is capable of when it comes to vfx heavy films. It surely is a promising start for more sci-fi vfx heavy movies.

Fear definitely has a new face. If you want to get spooked and that too in 3D then, CREATURE surely wouldn't let you down.
Rating - 3/5

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