Monday, 10 November 2014

Movie Review - Shaukeens

How much of the 1982 classic is this? Well, the situations have been altered but the skeletal framework of the older movie has been retained. Too bad, the beauty of the classic remains far away from this lame, unfunny story. I am not sure if it’s the script that was so bad on paper but in the translation the fun was surely lost. The idea of funny is really footling in this film. There is an elaborate sequence about discussing the sexual frivolousness of this generation by men who are well in their 60s and can’t hold their lust together. Whatever it was meant as, it did not make me laugh.
Lisa Haydon as the star struck girl is effortless but this time despite greater screen presence, she couldn’t hold through her character because of her weak character.
Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra are all great in their parts bringing in their caliber and experience of humor to the role but there is only little to offer when their characters are limited by a weak plot.
Surprisingly, the maximum laughs are delivered by Akshay who is thankfully in one of his best comic trips. His part did make the film a little more bearable in the second half.
The Shaukeens is a lame, dunce, dis-satisfactory and a stupid film at its core that is so tedious and flat that you almost abhor your time at the cinema. If you can tolerate 30 minutes of Akshay Kumar making fun of himself and his colleagues by making funny faces, you can take a trip for this. But for me, it was a disappointing story of how we lost an intelligent filmmaker to fat paychecks from fancy production houses. 
Rating - 1.5/5  Review  Courtesy  - KoiMoi

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