Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Brothers - Movie Review

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Brothers is an official remake of the 2011 Hollywood film Warrior and to start with let’s accept the Hollywood version itself was’t perfect enough except Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte’s performances. Thus, the script at hand was already a average one. Brothers goes wrong thanks to its attempt to make it emotionally challenging. What it misses out on is a detailed carving out of its characters. David’s character is developed decently in the first half but completely loses the grip in the second and its as if he has dual lives. Monty’s character on the other hand remains the most disappointing. The writer’s at no point try to justify his angry-animal nature with any sort of backing. Its as if Monty is having a bad day everyday for no reason, exactly opposite to what Tom Hardy’s Tommy goes through in Warrior. With what the entire first half dwelling on developing the characters and their emotional hang-ups, the action is saved for second half which is not enough. With tear-jerking moments that actually don’t make you reach for tissues, the first half is so sluggish that you completely lose interest in watching the second one. Also even though we are well aware of what would be served as the end ,there is no attempt to create any enticing moment around it.
Brothers is a remake that gets lost in the way since it is neither a complete rip off nor a refined Bollywood version. If you are looking for kick ass action, watch Warrior and if you are looking for a teary-inducing family drama cum action then watch Brothers.

Rating - 2.5/5 

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