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Movie Review - Fan

Fan Review

Yash Raj Films’ Fan (UA) is, as the title suggests, the story of a fan. Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) lives in a middle-class locality of Delhi and is a diehard fan of Bollywood superstar Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan). Gaurav hero-worships Aryan. He even resembles Aryan Khanna but that doesn’t really matter to him. His sole aim in life seems to be to meet Aryan Khanna.
The 50-year-old actor is splendid in his role as a self-made star. He slips into his own shoes, so to speak and doesn’t miss a beat. Just like in real life, Khanna is charming, polished and brimming with integrity.
But Khan, who is in a double role here, falters while playing the disillusioned, flawed fan Gaurav. While there are sparks of brilliance shown by Khan while playing the Delhi-based fanboy, he goes overboard in several of the key scenes. For instance, the part where Gaurav gets a telephone call from Aryan Khanna on his mobile phone is cute at first, but turns overdramatic by the end of their conversation. A little bit of subtlety would have gone a long way in making it a stand-out scene. Simply put, Khan has a tendency to overdo the exuberance of youth.
While we root for the underdog Gaurav at first, there’s a tectonic shift in loyalties once Aryan Khanna comes into the picture and digs his designer shoes into the ground. And that may make you wonder if the purpose of the film was somehow defeated. Ideally, shouldn’t a movie called Fan be all about rooting for the loyalist?
Having said that, Fan is definitely watchable. It’s engaging to watch a powerful actor and his seemingly powerless admirer indulge in a twisted battle of wills.
Gaurav, who has the most distracting set of white teeth, jumps to the dark side when Khanna unwittingly rejects his eager advances for a five-minute meet and greet.
Clearly, the thriller milks the ‘hell hath seen no fury like a fan spurned’ sentiment. But I wish Gaurav’s fury was more sinister.
Plus, how a powerless lad like Gaurav gains sudden power and resources to disgrace a superstar isn’t fully established in the film, but his sly moves make for a good watch. The fan’s devilishness was too vanilla and stood in the way of Fan being a terrific film.
The action scenes towards the climax are long, but well-executed. Watch this if you are a die-hard fan of Khan, but don’t expect an unpredictable thriller. The key here is to manage your expectations and you will walk home smiling at having seen an engaging drama about a stupid fan and a faultless superstar.

 Rating - 3/5
Courtesy – Gulf News

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