Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Movie Review - Dear Zindagi

Shah Rukh Khan (left) and Alia Bhatt  in a still from Gauri Shinde’s ‘Dear Zindagi’.

Kyra (Alia Bhatt) is shown to be a talented, young cinematographer who like many millennials has a messy love life and a yet to bloom career.
Her screwed up relationships with her boyfriends and parents, eventually lead her into seeing a DD (Dimaag Ka Doctor). After an interesting encounter with Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), Kyra decides to seek his help for her problems.
In his ‘out of textbook’ ways, Jug helps Kyra open up about her on the surface problems and further digs into the bigger ones. With his ‘cool’ stories, he wins over Kyra’s fears and teaches her to embrace life.
Dear Zindagi tries to hammer into our heads how important mental health awareness is, through a story that’s sadly not very powerful. For life lessons and Shah Rukh may be, but otherwise not a ‘must watch’.
Rating - 2.5/5

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