Saturday, 4 June 2016

Movie Review - Housefull 3

It’s about three greedy men who hope to strike it lucky in life by marrying wealthy women.
What aids them is that the leggy ladies in question aren’t the brightest bulbs in London. Their stilettos and their designer clothes have more personality than they do. But Fernandez, Haydon and Fakhri, as the wily and cute Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati, do a fair job of playing beautiful Barbie-like bimbettes. Though a viewer may not be able to tell these three sisters from each other (characterisation didn’t seem like a priority here) they manage to pull of their dim-witted, but dazzling, roles.
Their conservative Gujarati father, played ably by Irani, is under the mistaken impression that his three daughters are conservative Indian girls who will marry men of his choice. The stereotype that equates “good” Indian culture to what they wear (salwar-kameez) and their coy body language (namaste) is shamelessly peddled.
The key to enjoying this film is not to analyse it. If you over-think it, large parts of this film will be downright politically incorrect.
Nobody is spared.
People with handicaps, different races, the rights of domestic help and grim issues such as rape are thrown under the bus.
But Kumar and his boys manage to keep things light by not make it terribly distasteful. The pace isn’t sluggish and events unfurl at a quick pace.
New characters are added at random intervals and it’s difficult to keep up with them; you may reach a point where you don’t care anymore.
While the first half has some laugh-out loud moments, the second half meanders. But the climax, which has some golden moments, wrap things up nicely.
Bachchan plays an aspiring rapper, who isn’t particularly good at it. It was heartening to see a comedy that made its heroes indulge in some self-deprecating humour. Deshmukh isn’t very convincing as a professional car racer, but fortunately their professions aren’t dwelled upon in this film. The tale of three losers with some nifty get-rich-quick-scheme is one of those films that defies logic. As long as you don’t look for sense in this one, you are safe.
Rating - 3/5

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