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Movie Review - Kaanchi

Movie Review: Kaanchi 

Kaanchi the much-awaited romantic-musical Bollywood flick by Subhash Ghai has released today. Kartik Tiwari, Indrani Chakraborty renamed as 'Mishti' by Subhash Ghai, are the main leads in the film. Kaanchi is all about the revolutions brought about by a beautiful young woman. It is a total woman-centric film produced under the banner Mukta Arts Ltd. Other casts of the film include Mithun Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, Hazel Crowney and Rishabh Sinha. Kaanchi's music is composed by Ismail Darbar, Salim-Sulaiman & Subhash Ghai. Irshad Kamil has written most of the lyrics.
The story goes like this.... Mishti (Kaanchi) is the beautiful young lady from a small village. Kaanchi who fights for justice in the country and represents the youth power. She is the innocent rural beauty who fights against power. 
The love between Aaryan and Kaanchi is in the backdrop of the 'pahadi' village. Kaanchi fights for the unjust things happening in the big city. This fight against injustice makes her a youth icon. She gets her fan following by doing that. Her deeds against wrongdoings putforth her before the national leaders, who inturn suppresses her inner power. 
Kaanchi is an inspirational story for the women especially which will appeal the audience for sure. Subhash Ghai who is famous for his music in all his films has not let us down. Musical score is good but not so good compared to his Taal.
The storyline is gripping and holds the audience because of it's interesting script. Rishi Kapoor in a negative shade is excellent and Mithun da shines majestically in his role. The chemistry, love, romance between the star cast is outstanding. Mishti shines in her role as well. 
Cinematography by Sudhir Chowdhary represents on screen very well and choreography also excels. As expected by everyone Kaanchi will be a big blockbuster movie. 
Just only one thing negative about the film, it is a bit clumsy in the middle and could have been better. 
Verdict ... Overall, Kaanchi the rural beauty who fights for justice through her inner power with the unethical and unjust is worth a watch, Big budget film Kaanchi will make its box office entry with a big bang!!
Our Rating - 3/5

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