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Movie Review - Revolver Rani

Movie Review: Revolver Rani 

This weekend, it's all about Chambal and its rani with the revolver in hand wherein, the Thakur family's dangerous Alka Singh is all set to make both her rivals and lover bleed with bullets and kisses respectively. The movie Revolver Rani which is out on the big screen today revolves around the daughter of a Thakur family Kangna Ranaut (Alka Singh) who prefers to let her gun do the talking and how she falls in love with a Bollywood star Vir Das (Rohan).

Kangna plays the role of a very fierce politician who becomes the target of the main opposition leader Zakir Hussain (Udaybhan Singh) who comes to realise that the only way to shot down the 'Revolver Rani' is by targeting her sweet lover boy. And thus, Kangna fights against all her rivals in style to protect her beau. On the other hand, Vir Das initially gelled with the rani of Chambal only to make her the ladder of his success journey but eventually ends up being the toy boy of bold but not so sweet Kangna. 
The entire film moves around the tale of Kangna who on one hand starts regaining the desires of a woman and on the other continues her macho life of killings and violence. The film has ample of catchy punch lines with series of action packed sequences, and not to miss, some hot scenes including a passionate kissing scene in which Kangna makes Vir bleed by kissing.
Kangna has yet again proved that she is not only the sweet queen of Bollywood but also the fierce rani who knows how to carry herself in whatever roles the director puts her into. The unusual chemistry between Vir Das and Kangna worked wonders, while Vir was also superb with his comic timings.
Zakir Hussain and most of the actors have done all justice to their roles and although the story is far away from reality but the director Sai Kabir has crafted it in a very crispy and catchy manner which is sure to hook the entertainment loving viewers tight.
After becoming the queen of Bollywood, Kangna Ranaut is surely the 'dabang' rani of the industry. Kangna Ranaut's Revolver Rani has hit the theatres today and the film has all in it to hit the box office as well. 
All in all, the movie Revolver Rani gets a big thumbs up with the tag of being a never to be missed watch.
Our Rating - 3.5/5

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